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Get all of the tips and tricks for getting around Southeast Asia. Through our trials and errors - you can make sure you find the best mode of transportation.


Browse all of Laurels beautiful photos as we shoot the beauty that Southeast Asia has to offer. Enjoy the sunsets as we do. Of course there will be food photos.

our backpacks

Follow us to see how easy it is to only pack what you need on your back. Minimalism at its best. Learn to never over pack and never get a sore back.

forever foodies

We are foodies - simple as that. We travel for food and great tastes. Follow us to see all of the wonderful dishes of the world. If it ain't spicy, we ain't eating it.

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Read all about our adventures through the blogs or follow us on YouTube to see everything unfold in front of your eyes. Updated frequently.

The end goal

We want to fill this website with awesome content - mostly for ourselves to remember this trip but for others who want to live vicariously through us as well.

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