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Anthony Bourdain once said...

"Your body is not a temple, it's an amusement park. Enjoy the ride."

We live all our travels that way. You only live once and you better live it well. We travel for food. Nothing beats sitting on a plastic stool in the middle of Saigon with a beer and ice in one hand and a bag of quail eggs in the other – all while a mountain of spring roles awaits on the table. Delicious foods at a cheap price keeps us coming back for more and more. We are here to document the entire thing – all in the name of making amazing memories and filling our bellies to the brim. We are here to give you a front row seat to our lives while we travel around Southeast Asia and the United States for the next 3 months. We are Forever Passengers.

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- Since 2018 -

The greatest trip of a lifetime.


We are a young couple who loves to travel and experience new things. From the Okanagan in beautiful British Columbia. We long to be Forever Passengers.


We are foodies – We really enjoy food. So much, that we are willing to travel around the world to eat it. We do what we do because it’s new to us. And we like it that way.


Flying into Thailand for a month of Thai food. Afterwards, we will be heading over to Vietnam for a months worth of Banh Mi then off to the States for “bad for you” food.


Laurel is fortunate enough to teach English online so she is able to travel whenever she likes. Pierce is an aspiring full-stack web developer. (he made this website)

Travel with us and explore new culture

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a commonly asked question actually. Laurel teaches English online using VIP Kid as her main platform which pays pretty well and lets her travel whenever she wants. Pierce saved up his commission from his day job at his local Yamaha dealership but is currently working towards a career in Web Development.

We spent 2 months in Southeast Asia last year and it cost us a total of 8 grand Canadian including our tickets to get there. That included food, accommodation and transit. We didn’t stay in luxery hotels but we didn’t do hostels either.

Like we mentioned earlier, Laurel is fortunate enough to not have a day job and be tied down to a single location. Pierce on the other hand decided to quit his job and do something awesome.

Why not? It’s cheap, sunny and filled with extraordinary food filled with spices and flavor. We travel for food mainly and decided we wanted to visit Vietnam a bit more this year.

Not really. Pierce misses his cat at times and an uncle burger from A&W once in a while but he copes with it. Laurel misses her family and her hedgehog but we stay pretty busy and always have a great experience. So no, not really.