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Coming back to Bangkok is always our little slice of heaven. Something about it just feels like home away from home. The old familiar sights, sounds, and smells, the sky train whirl on the rail, the chime when the doors open, the comforting voice letting you know of your next stop – feels like home. Walking down the uneven concrete, the busy traffic, making your way through the crowds of locals and large plumes of smoke from the street vendors frying pork skewers: the little things really. It’s a comforting feeling knowing exactly where you are going without the need for Google Maps or asking anybody for directions. I feel like a local and it feels good.

We arrived at Hi Residence, which coincidently is exactly the place I stayed my first time coming to Bangkok two years ago, to the day. It’s a lovely 4-star hotel for an incredibly low price. The beds are comfortable (which is rare in Thailand), the building is nicely maintained, the staff are nice enough and most importantly the showers are large with lots of hot water. We stayed there for two nights and had a nice evening on the rooftop bar with a few overpriced cocktails and an underpriced view. I guess it all evens out considering the price of the rooms to begin with, so we weren’t too worried.

pierce jones sky bar

Hendrik was nice enough to let us use his apartment again for the remaining time we are here in Bangkok before our flight to Vietnam. The last thing I wanted to do was take advantage of his hospitality, but he insisted we use it since its just sitting there empty anyway, to which we obliged. Once we dropped our bags off, we decided to head to Lumphini Park, which is a beautiful 142 acre park situated in the middle of Bangkok. It has a long history that dates back to the 1920’s when King Rama VI built it for his leisure. During World War II the Japanese used it as an encampment for their soldiers. Today it is a popular place for hiking, bird watching and home to many wildlife species such as various birds, fish and monitor lizards which can get up to 6 feet long.

laurel at lumphini park

The next day we decided to hit up Union mall which is a total local’s mall. Fair prices and lots of floors its just one of many malls Bangkok has to offer. Laurel had the opportunity to get her glass protector replaced for a mere 200baht ($9) and the guy even installed it for her. We ordered two off Amazon before coming here for $25 and thought that was a good deal… apparently not. Laurel bought some cute outfits and spent less then 800baht ($35) on everything. Meanwhile, while she shopped I got a foot massage and ate a Thai sweet crepe, which is a sugar crepe folded with different fillings inside (I got white chocolate and peanut butter). Hopped on the MRT and stopped off at Tesco Lotus to pick up some Laurel Coloda mix (Vodka, pineapple juice and coconut milk) and some San Miguel Lights to pregame a bit.

pierce at lumphini park

Afterwards Laurel wanted to go to a sky bar to see some 360 degree views of Bangkok. Octave Sky Bar is located on top of the Marriot Hotel downtown. Drinks are kind of pricey, but it comes with the territory of with the breathtaking views that comes along with it. We met two sisters from Ontario who we teamed up with so we could get a four-seater lounge section with even better views from the standard couples’ tables. They were nice girls who just arrived in Bangkok for their first time – so we gave them a quick run down on what to expect. Laurel and I had a few different cocktails and took in the views for awhile before saying our goodbyes to the girls we met. Still feeling a bit frisky we decided to hit up a rooftop bar that was directly across from the train station. An awesome little place which is part hostel/part bar. It was super chill just taking in the sights and sounds of the city, with sky trains screaming past us while we people watch from above.

laurel rooftop bar


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