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laurel at arrivals

I didn’t sleep a wink on the entire flight over here really… maybe a few hours in total. Laurel seemed to have a bit more sleep then I did but overall just couldn’t get the sleep I needed. After being awake for over 24 hours and travelling on 3 planes we were pooped. We arrived in Bangkok at 6AM on January 10th and took a taxi to the penthouse my friend let us stay in.

A little back story here… My first time in Bangkok about 3 years ago I met a Thai fellow named Nyx in a bar called Fatty’s Pub in the Din Daeng District. It was my last night in town before I was going to fly home back to Canada, so I decided to splurge a little and get myself a luxury hotel for the night. Feeling a bit hungry and bored that evening I decided to go to the bar across the street from the hotel. Sitting at the bar eating some Jalapeño Poppers and a good quality beef burger (rare in Thailand) and sipping on a few San Miguel Lights I strike up a conversation to the gentleman beside me. Too my surprise this guy spoke near perfect English (which he learned from Western movies apparently). We get to chatting and get lost in the drink a bit until the bar closed. We go out for an after-hours snack and eat things I probably shouldn’t be eating, and the rest is history. One year passes and I’m back in Bangkok with Laurel. I decide to go visit Nyx in Rayong where he works with his friend Hendrik.

Nyx lives in the house with Hendrik and John who all work together. Hendrik is from the Netherlands (I think) but grew up with Nyx in Chiang Mai since they were little kids. John is a Thai born who grew up in NYC in the 90’s so we hit it off pretty well considering he loved 90’s rap as much as I did. We went out and got some groceries and Nyx and Hendrik cooked us a bunch of Thai dishes that were straight up amazing. The one dish I remember the best was Hendrik fried some small fish and you could just eat them whole – bones and everything – it was delicious. Anyway, fast forward to the year 2020 and here we are back in the Land of Smiles staying in Hendriks penthouse. We decided to bring some Canadian candy bars and maple syrup for him as gifts for his hospitality.

It’s a two bedroom two bathroom condo in a building called the Amanta Residence. It comes with a washer & dryer (dryers are almost unheard of here in Thailand) and a huge walk-in closet in the master bedroom. Hendrik might have one of the comfiest beds in all of Thailand I swear. Better than any bed I’ve slept on in Canada I can tell you that much. The A/C units are built into the apartment as opposed to the typical add in A/C units you see here most of the time which is a nice touch.

We tried our best to stay awake all day and go explore some of the food markets below and catch a few beers. After a few hours we couldn’t help but binge “The Circle” on Netflix basically all day and fall asleep around 7PM. Not sleeping for over 24 hours and travelling 15 hours into the future will kind of fuck with your system a bit. We woke up at 4AM wide eyed and decided to hit the streets early and get our sim cards figured out at Fortune Town Mall before we go out and do anything serious. The beautiful thing about Southeast Asia is internet packages are dirt cheap and extremely fast here. Laurel got 30 days of unlimited data at 10MBPS for 250Baht (just under $15 CAD) which I steal from her hotspot set up on her phone. It sure beats the $120 CAD I pay back home for 6 gigs of data…

We are going to head to Rayong on Monday with Nyx to meet up with Hendrik and see some sights the beach town has to offer. More to come as we go along!



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